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Christmas Angel_(1)

Before she could say anything Jack piped up, "Hey I see a Denny’s we can stop there.
She spoke up and said, "Jack I also see a Holiday Inn Express, and since the road is really getting dangerously slippery, I think we should stay there for the night." 
"I was just wondering about asking you if we should just find a motel for the night, but didn’t know how to approach you."

Melinda laughed, "I think you have been reading my mind."

Jack smirked and said, "Since you were nice enough to stop and help me, don’t worry about the expense. I can put it on my company’s charge card."
"Thanks for the gesture, it wasn’t needed, but I appreciate it."

She smiled politely, but in the back of her mind she was screaming, ‘Sure beats spending a boring traveling in this bleak weather or listening to mom’s gossip.’

After she pulled into the parking lot, he touched her shoulder, "I’ll go in and get us a couple of rooms, okay?"

"Sure, it will give me time to calm down from the ride."

It wasn’t long before he came back out to the car with a troubled look on his face.

"Uh-oh, what’s wrong?"

"They only have one room available, with one bed, they said they can bring in another roll away bed, if we want. I’m sorry, but that’s all they have."

She blushed, batted her eyes, tried to sound calm, and said, "Don’t worry, under these circumstances, we can make do. I’m too exhausted to drive down the road for something better."
"Okay, well here’s your key, tell me what to get you from the trunk and I’ll bring it to the room, there is no need for both of us to stand out in this weather."

She went to the trunk opened it, pointed out the bag she brought and asked, "Sure you can handle things?"

"Yes, now go inside and get warm, and make sure you turn the heat up in the room, I’m freezing."

Melinda turned around so he couldn’t see her naughty expression and walked toward the motel door. She whispered, "I have ways to warm you that are better than that heater." 

The first thing she did when she entered the room was kick of her shoes. Next she called her parents. Of course, omitting the details about the stranded male motorist she picked up. Her mother would have a conniption fit, if she knew.

"Hi mom, I’m afraid I won’t be there tonight, I’m stranded, in the storm. I’ve checked into the Holiday Inn Express."

"Oh my, are you okay my dear? I wondered if you decided to drive here. I seen the weather and thought you might not."

"It wasn’t doing anything when I left home mom. Tell dad I’m okay and not to worry. However, it looks like I might be here a couple of days too. I’ll call you when I leave here. Good-bye."

"Thanks for calling honey. Your dad said to say hi, and that he will save some eggnog for you. Bye dear."
She had just hung up the phone when someone knocked on the door, "It Jack, let me in my arms are full."

"Okay, give me a second." 

She helps with the luggage then turned to Jack and suggested, "Better get out of those wet clothes and maybe take a hot shower to warm up."

It was then that he really got a good look at Melinda. He licked his lips, and felt his mouth go dry. Wow, she was gorgeous and he loved full figured women, especially ones with red hair and green-eyes. He felt himself quiver clear to his dick. He almost said something, but decided not too because she might be offended.

Instead he hung up his coat, "Hey, that’s a great idea." 

He then gathered some dry clothes and headed for the shower. 

She watched him closely as he walked to the bathroom. She almost bit her tongue when she saw his muscles rippling through his shirt. ‘Oh, my, God wonder what he looks like naked.’ She quickly turned away so he would notice her starring.

"Jack, I think I will see what they have to offer in room service, I’m getting hungry."

She was about to dial the phone when she stopped, maybe she’d better ask him what he wants before she orders. She got off the bed and made her way to the bathroom

The moment Jack was in the shower, he reached down to touch his quivering cock. As his hand slid around it, he wished it was Melinda’s hands stroking him. As the hot water pelted his skin, his hands jacked his cock. 

A knock on the door, interrupted his happy mood. Melinda was mumbling something.
He shook his head, because he couldn’t understand her. He peaked around the shower curtain and yelled, "I can’t hear you, open the door a crack, and tell me what you just said."

He then froze, oh shit, what is she sees my dick? He quickly tried his best to hide it.

The moment she opened the door a bit, she gasped. She only intended to tell him what she said and not look at him. However, she couldn’t take her eyes off his nude body glistened through the shower curtain, he was gorgeous. ‘That’s when she saw it, ‘oh, my god, he has a hard on.’

"Ah, ah, Jack I was going to ask what you wanted from room service? I didn’t mean to interrupt you." 

Jack smirked devilishly, "Well, my question for you is, do you like what you see?"

She blushed and blurted out, "Yes, but I think I’ll let you finish your shower before I order room service." 

"Why thank you. I hope I don’t offend you, but I have an idea, why don’t you join me, there is always room for two, especially a beautiful redhead." 

Melinda stood there in awe for a second toying with the words he just said. She winked and then told herself, ‘why not, its time I have a bit of fun on my own, its been too damn long since I even see a man, let alone touch one!’ 

"Sure thing, give me time to take off my clothing and I’ll join you honey."

"That’s the spirit, come here baby. After all I can show you just how appreciative what you’re doing for me, my Christmas Angel."

Melinda thought she would pass out from anticipation. With trembling fingers, she took off her clothing right there. She walked into the room, and climbed into the shower with Jack. 

Then moment his hands touched her, she felt a spark that went clear to the center of her womanhood. When there lips meet, she wanted to shout, "Ooooh baby, I need and want you, make me feel like a woman again!"

He leaned down and kissed her as their tongues did the dance of lovers. Hot damn, it felt like a bolt of lightning just struck him; no woman ever did this to him before. He held onto her tightly because he thought he might go weak in the knees and pass out.

She broke the kiss and asked, "Jack how’d you like to be my Christmas present this year?"

"Baby, I know you’ve been hurt real bad, and if you allow me too, I can love those memories away. Give me a chance honey; I want to me more than just your present."

Melinda looked like a scared deer in the headlights. She sighed, licked her lips, and uttered, "Jack go slow, please, one step at a time. I’m not promising anything, let’s just see what happens."

"Okay, I can do that, however right now, how’s about us getting out of this shower, and ending what we started on that big bed in the other room.
She nodded yes, and he helped her out of the shower. They dried each other off, and she let him led her by the hand to the bed. She wondered if he needed her as bad as she did him.

He kissed her softly as he laid her on the bed. His hands then started caressing her with a feathery touch starting at her lips and working downward toward her beautiful big breasts. 

As he traced her skin with his fingers, Melinda lifted her chest to him, ran her fingers through his hair, and purred, "Ooooh God, yes, I love what your doing to me, please don’t stop!"   

He couldn’t believe his eyes, her full breast sagged a bit, but the hard nipples were pink and stood out begging for attention. He kissed one then the other as his hands kneaded her globes. He then held the nipple with his teeth, ran his tongue across it, feeling it harden, one and then the other. She reacted by gasping and arching her back toward him. After a few moments, he started kissing his way downward, feeling her stomach shivering with desire slightly. When he came to her navel, he flicked it with his tongue. 

One of her hands began to stroke the middle of his back, and she felt him quiver. God she desired to feel him taste, touch, and play with every delectable inch of her.

"Ooooh baby, you sure know how to push a woman’s buttons! Jack, please eat my pussy!"

He moved and positioned himself between her legs, her downy soft pussy hairs were drenched, and the aroma was intoxicating. He spread her labia, and slid his tongue from her clit to hole.

When he stuck it inside her vaginal orifice, she moaned, "Yes, ooooh fuck, yes," pulling his head so close, he gasped for air.

He reached out to hold onto her hips as his mouth began to tantalize her clit more and his finger entered the pulsating hole.

All of a sudden Melinda began squealing in delight and it was apparent that she was close to climax. 

Jack then took her clit in his teeth and bit it gently. She bucked, held his head like a vice, and shuddered with her first orgasm.

 "Oh my God Jack! I love the way that you show your gratitude!"

He grinned, "Baby I haven’t shown you enough gratitude yet, the fun is just beginning!" 

The sensations were indescribable, Melinda never would have guessed that any man could or would make her feel like a woman again. She wanted to reach down, and play with his cock and balls.
"Jack, how about we do a sixty-nine?"

"Not yet baby, I want to make love to you like you’ve experienced before."

"You can, but I want to touch your cock and balls, I love doing that. Just in case you’re wondering something I love to suck and swallow."

He felt his balls tighten when she said those words. "Well then how’s about I fuck your cute little mouth sugar?"

"Bring that beautiful cock to me baby, dinner can wait a little while longer, I’m hungry for tube steak!"

He moved up next to her on the bed, she pushed him down on the bed got between his legs and engulfed his entire dick with one swallow, all eight inches of it. He watched in awe, as her fingers, tongue and long hair tantalized his dick.

"Oh fuck, you weren’t just whistling Dixie; you really know how to suck a dick!"

She loved the taste of his cock; that was something you know who never allowed her to do much. She watched his face and she moved up and down his pulsating shaft. It was then that her throbbing clit screamed, "Enough sucking doll, let’s fuck!"

She stopped sucking and shrieked, "I need fucked Jack!"

He pulled her up onto him and she hovered over his cock. He held her hips, while she guided her wanting pussy down on his pole. 
Slowly she began to rock back and forth, reveling in the feeling of his cock deep inside her. Melinda, leaned forward, and they kissed deep and hard.

He thrust his cock into her like a jackhammer on concrete. Thrusting, hard, deep, and fast, feeling the tip, hitting bottom.
She cried out, "Ooooooh God, fuck me, harder baby!"

His hands steadied her waist as waves of sheer pleasure wash over him. When she broke the kiss he latched onto her right nipple, and started chewing it, as his cock tantalized her hot box. 

She closed her eyes, road him hard and moaned, "Mmmmm! I like what you’re doing honey!"

He stopped sucking her tit for a moment, and watched himself penetrating her pussy. Each time she slammed herself down on him, he shuddered close to blowing his load. Deeper, harder, with a steady rhythm they made love.

With a panting voice he uttered, "I'm gonna cum! Can I cum inside you doll?" 

She looked lovingly into his eyes, and she felt something between them that she had not felt for a very long time. She shrieked, "Cum inside my hot cunt!"

He thrust deeper, harder, with her pussy muscles gripping him like a vice. A few more thrusts were all it took for him to go rigged and he exploded deep inside her.

As soon as she felt his hot cum inside her, it triggered another climax, "OH GODDDDDDD!" She collapsed on top of him gasping for air.

He touched her cheek softly and whispered, "Oh my pretty Christmas Angel that was wonderful." 

Melinda sighed, moved off, curled up in his arms, and laid her head against his chest. 

They lay there for a few moments, feeling totally satisfied. He leaned down kissed her for head and asked, "What would you say, if I told you I was thinking about calling my aunt and making up some excuse saying I cannot make it to her house for a few days?"

"I’d say, why not, it’s time for me to put the past behind me and feel like a woman again. I’ll call my mom and tell her we’re stranded for a couple more days at least."

He smiled mischievously, "Well, my pretty Christmas Angel, how about I take the time to bend that halo of yours."